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Clean Indoor Air for the Mon Valley: VCAN's Indoor Air Purifier Program distributes over 350 Free Filters!

Austin & Levoit Purifiers Help Young and Seniors Breathe Easier Inside Their Homes and the Clairton Library

Valley Clean Air Now (VCAN) operated it’s first air filter distribution program locally in 2019.  In 2023 VCAN was awarded grant monies to purchase more air filters.  Currently  VCAN’s Air Filter Distribution Committee has distributed over 350 air purifiers as of January 31, 2024.  Communities /that have received the highest number of filters so far are 225 filters in Clairton; 78 in Glassport and 34 between Port Vue, Liberty and Lincoln. 

“Since I got the 2 Levoit filters, I do feel better.  We have more clean air.  I have them in two different spots.  One is in our living room and I feel better when I’m there.  My son likes the other Levoit in his bedroom.” Clairton resident 2-7-24

Jackie Wade and Fred Bickerton talk about her new Levoit Air Filter.

How Can My Family Get an Air Purifier?

If you would like an air filter, call the Valley Clean Air Phone at 412.614.0227 and leave a message with your name, phone number and the town you live in.  Tom Bailey, VCAN Secretary, will call you back and then send your info on to Fred Bickerton. You could also send us an email at with the same information. Visit our website for more info and events.

“I received two of the air purifiers you supplied through the Valley Clean Air grant.  Since I have been using them in my home, the air seems fresher and clearer.  I appreciate your efforts very much.  I know my neighbors are looking forward to these benefits also.  Thank you!”  Lincoln Borough resident 2-2-24

Air Filter Distribution Events

Fred will contact you when VCAN has filters available for distribution.  He’ll give you the date, time and location of the next distribution.  When you arrive, you will need to fill out a one page application.  You could also obtain an application from the Clairton Library.  If you complete and leave it with Library staff, they will forward the application on to Fred. While you're at the Library, you can see the two Austin air purifiers hard at work.

“Our two Levoit air filters work great.  My basement is the most stuffy area of our house.  We placed one there.  My kids are much better down there.  My son is breathing better now.  Both filters have helped us improve our sleep.”  Liberty Borough resident 2-2-24

Art Thomas, Dave Meckel, Johnie Perryman and Qiyam Ansari are also members of this Committee.   In January, the Committee sponsored two air filter distribution events at the American Legion in Glassport.  The Committee hopes to schedule future distribution events in Port Vue, Liberty and Lincoln. Tom Bailey Secretary. 2-9-24

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