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Is the air in Clairton and Glassport clean? Fine particulates.

Third in a series of posts as to my responses when someone asks me this question.

Follow this link to the PA Department of Environmental Protection's Air Quality Partnership. When you follow the link, look at the map to the top left. The entire state is divided up into reporting regions. Many regions include four or five counties. Each of the air pollution data for each county is added together.

Find Allegheny County on the map. Look for the small blue dot in the lower section of our county. That dot represents the Five Boroughs: Clairton, Glassport, Liberty, Port Vue and Lincoln! The Five Boroughs suffers through so much toxic air that PA DEP gave us our own reporting region so our pollution data looked somewhat comparable with other regions of Pennsylvania. All the Five Boroughs, if combined, make up about six square miles. The Clairton Coke Works operates squarely in the center.

Now follow this link to a different part of the same PA DEP website. VCAN received the link to this page only by filing a Right to Know request with the Allegheny County Health Department. This page shows the number of Action Days declared by PA DEP for each of the regions within the Air Quality Partnership back to 2008. By using the boxes in the top right to select a year and then clicking Tally, the data for the entire state appears for that year.

Now you can find the answer to this question? Does the air in Clairton and Glassport contain Fine Particulate Matter? Here is the PA DEP link Air Quality Partnership - Tally of Forecasts

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