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Valley Clean Air Now's Second Annual Community BBQ, Saturday, August 3: Come Join Us for Supper at Clairton Park

VCAN members and friends at Community BBQ, Summer 2023, in Clairton Park. Picture by Lisa Graves -Marcucci.

Hi Everyone!

Hope you and your family will join us on Saturday, August 3, in Clairton Park. We will be providing free food and drink to enjoy the afternoon with our friends and neighbors like you. We just reserved the pavilion on Friday and will send out more info as we get it.

VCAN Vice President Johnie Perryman, VCAN Board member Art Thomas. Long Time VCAN Friend Kim Meachem and unknown VCAN friend talk at 2023 Community BBQ. VCAN President Qiyam Ansari is working the grill in the background. Picture Lisa Graves-Marcucci.

In the past year we have:

  • distributed over 650, free indoor air purifiers to Mon Valley residents

  • interviewed over 60 residents of Clairton, Glassport, Port Vue, Liberty and Lincoln to complete our Health Survey

  • continued to hold Board of Directors meetings, almost every week, at the First AME Church of Clairton

  • worked with other air quality advocates to urge Joe Biden's Environmental Protection Agency to impose finalized amendments on May 23, 2024 to update and strengthen emission standards for hazardous air pollutants (HAP) such as  benzene, mercury, lead and arsenic that are emitted by coke oven facilities. 

VCAN Board Treasurer Fred Bickerton and unknown VCAN friend enjoy 2023 summer Community BBQ. Photo Lisa Graves-Marcucci

For more info, contact Tom Bailey, VCAN Secretary on the VCAN phone 412.614.0227 or email If you do not want to received further emails from VCAN, send me an email. Thanks. 6-23-24

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