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Valley Clean Air Now Tables at Clairton Community Days this Saturday 7/15 at Clairton High School.

Complete Survey for VCAN's Second Indoor Air Purifier Distribution Program and you may win an Indoor Air Purifier to take home between Noon - 5pm.

Prior to Covid, VCAN distributed free indoor air purifiers to families in the Five Boroughs. We now are asking for you to submit a new survey so we can begin the same program again. Fill out a survey at our table this Saturday and you will have a chance to take home one of the air purifiers we will have on display.

Take a minute to take a close look at one of the air purifiers we will have on display at the table. If you are not familiar with indoor air purifiers, come talk with our Steering Committee members working at the table. Learn about cleaning up the air inside your home/business.

Free Community Education Course: Air Quality 101 for Residents of Five Boroughs (Clairton, Glassport, Lincoln, Liberty & Port Vue) Begins in late August/early September

Many local residents ask us:

  • How does Clairton Coke Works (CCW) make coke?

  • What does "environmental justice" mean?

  • Do we have a right to clean air in Pennsylvania?

  • What government agencies are responsible to monitor air pollution from all sources in the Mon Valley?

  • What types of air monitors are in the Mon Valley and where can I see their readings?

  • What types of adverse health effects are Mon Valley residents suffering?

  • What other non-profit organizations could I obtain air quality info from?

  • What is the United States Agency for Toxic Substances & Disease Registry (ATSDR)?

  • What is involved in the "public health evaluation" ATSDR is conducting in conjunction with the PA Department of Health "to evaluate possible air exposures and determine the potential for harmful health effects for residents living near the CCW facility"?

As a community group many of us know, what we believe to be, accurate answers to these important questions. We always encourage discussion of these topics so we can learn more.

This Course covers these four topics:

  • Background of Grassroots Environmental Organizations in America

  • Local, State & Federal Air Quality Policies in Allegheny County

  • Types of Air Monitoring Equipment & Operation in Mon Valley

  • Adverse Health Effects Suffered by Mon Valley residents

Sign up at our table if you would like more info on our course or to register for the next four week class. Each week we cover one topic. There are assigned websites, texts or videos to study to prepare for two group sessions later in that week. Some sessions will be via zoom and some will be in person at our office at 282 St. Clair Avenue in Clairton. If you are interested in only one topic, you could sign up just for that week and we will try to accomodate your request.

VCAN August 24 Community Meeting at CEDCC Building.

Our May Community Meeting was our first event at the Community Economic Development Corporation of Clairton (CEDCC) building. Our office is within the CEDCC, 282 St. Clair Avenue in Clairton. We met several Clairton residents who were asking questions about Air Action Alert days and why they needed to go inside their homes on such days? We shared some sandwiches and snacks while discussing the Smell Pgh app and Plumes Pgh app on our phones. Both these apps help all Allegheny County residents learn up to the minute info about our air quality.

Next month at our Community Meeting on August 24, we will introduce Steering Committee members and explain what we have been doing so far in 2023. In addition, we will share reports about the progress of our Health Study Working Group and Indoor Air Purifier Working Group. All this in addition to, we hope, Qiyam Ansari once again grilling food for everyone. Please join us.

VCAN Secretary Tom Bailey Contact website


telephone: 412.614.0227 weekdays 9am -4pm

282 St. Clair Avenue, Clairton, PA 15025

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