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Would you breathe easier with an Indoor Air Purifier from Valley Clean Air Now?

VCAN's Air Purifier Committee distributes free Air Purifiers to Five Boroughs Residents

On October 24, Fred Bickerton explained Valley Clean Air Now’s (VCAN) Indoor Air Purifier Program at our October Community Meeting. About 25 local residents were present at the Community Economic Development Corporation Clairton (CEDCC), 282 St. Clair Avenue in Clairton.

Fred is VCAN’s Treasurer and a long time Mon Valley resident. He is also a member of VCAN’s Air Purifier Committee along with Johnie Perryman, Art Thomas and Dave Meckel.

Fred Bickerton (standing) leads discussion of Mon Valley residents about Indoor Air Purifier Program. A DeVoit air purifier is visible on the table in front of Fred. The meeting took place in the CEDCC's Great Room on October 24.

Background of Air Purifier Program

“Due to the health conditions in Clairton, we started VCAN” said Clairton resident Art Thomas. “We formed VCAN in order to inform the people of the bad air quality in the Valley and illnesses caused by breathing this bad air. We have contacted all the churches in Clairton that are open about an air purifier. We have put air purifiers in the Clairton Library. We need more members!”

VCAN Chairperson Qiyam Ansari wrote two grants in 2022 to raise the money used to buy the air purifiers. In addition, these grants provided funds to pay stipends to Steering Committee members and to fund our Health Survey of area residents. VCAN gives the air purifiers to local residents at no charge.

Qiyam explained that in 2020, VCAN was one of several local air quality community groups working to improve indoor air quality. This group was called the Clairton Air Filter Project. VCAN members took classes offered by ROCIS, a non-profit focused on improving indoor air quality for Allegheny County residents. Here is a link to the ROCIS website.

Air Purifier Program details.

Clairton resident Johnie Perryman said “This committee has been working hard to help make life better in the Mon Valley. We have a vision for our community. We have not given up. When we help more people that live in this community create their own vision, we will make a difference. Don't wait for politicians to make your life better. Instead of saying they should, adopt the attitude of I WILL.”

Fred told the local residents the process to follow to learn more about this year’s Indoor Air Purifier Program:

  • Call Tom Bailey, VCAN Secretary at 412.614.0227 Monday thru Friday 9:00 am to 4:00 pm.

  • Give your name, phone number and/or email address. This information will be forwarded to Fred. We would also add your name to our Email Contact list unless you tell us otherwise. If you would like to learn more info about our Five Boroughs Health Survey, let us know that as well.

  • Fred will contact you to verify your eligibility and best fit of air purifiers available for your home.

  • When you arrive to pick up the air purifier, you will be asked to complete a Purifier Application Form.

Mon Valley Residents discuss Air Purifier program at October 24 Community Meeting.

Dave Meckel lives in Glassport. “We are offering to put air purifiers in the churches in Port Vue and Glassport. One is the United Methodist Church in Port Vue. I contacted the Riverside Church, the Lutheran Church on Fifth Street and the Catholic Church all in Glassport.”

Will an Indoor Air Purifier Help You?

One local resident who received an air purifier told VCAN “I noticed a difference the first night we used the air purifier. My coughing and asthma were significantly reduced, so I didn’t need to take so much medication. I definitely recommend getting one.”

Tom Bailey VCAN Secretary 11-10-23

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