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PA Department of Health Investigators attend Community Meeting this Thursday at 6 pm!

Updated: Nov 15, 2023

Federal and State agencies are conducting "public health assessment to determine if residents living near the US Steel's Clairton Coke Works facility are being exposed to harmful contaminants originating from the facility."

VCAN supporters at Clairton City Park BBQ last summer. Quech tower plumes visible in background.

Attend 11-16 Virtual Meeting to hear "public health assessment" process explained by experts. Tell PA Department of Health investigators how you feel.

On March 23 of this year, ATSDR agreed with our request to study CCW emissions and the health of area residents. In addition, ATSDR asked the PA Department of Health to join in this project by researching local air quality data and public health information concerning local residents. Our two primary contacts within the PA Department of Health have been Nathan McCray and Dr. Julie Miller.

Nathan McCray is an Epidemiology Researcher with the Bureau of Epidemiology, PA Department of Health. His email address is

US Steel Clairton Coke Works with exhaust from quenching tower.

Link and Agenda for 11-16 Zoom Meeting with Mr. McClary & Dr. Miller

Here is the zoom link for the meeting: Pre-reqistration is required. This zoom meeting will be recorded.

  • Introductions

  • What is a Health Assessment?

  • Where are we in the Health Assessment Process now?

  • Health Concerns of Local Residents & Questions

  • Thank You and Steps Going Forward

VCAN supporter Kim Meacham testifies at May, 2022 Allegheny County Health Department CCW Title V Permit Hearing. Photo by Mark Dixon

Who does PA Department of Health want to Hear from?

Members of VCAN met with Mr. McClary and Dr. Miller last week. Dr. Miller made it clear to us that PA Department of Health wants to hear the health effects from residents of Elizabeth, Clairton, Glassport, Port Vue, Lincoln and Liberty. She wants to hear from residents within a three mile radius around CCW, including parts of Jefferson Hills.  She said residents who tell Mr. McCray and herself their health effects this Thursday don’t need to give their name, but should explain where they live or work inside the three mile radius.

Dr. Miller wants to hear from residents even after our Community Meeting. The PA Department of Health's health assessment "is a living document" and she will review and analyze the comments she receives after our 11-16 meeting. 

Hope to see you online Thursday evening. Tom Bailey VCAN Secretary For more information call VCAN phone 412.614.0227

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